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Music for Resorts [ Orange Vinyl ]

Music for Resorts [ Orange Vinyl ]





参加したアーティストは、収録順にOmni Gardens、Loris S. Sarid、Minyo Delivery Service、Jesus Weekend、Yama Yuki、Tristan Arp、Tokio Ono、H.Takahashi、Masahiro Takahashi、Joseph Shabason、Bram Gielen、Yumi Iwaki。

本コンピレーションのマスタリングを担当したのは日本を代表するアンビエント作家Chihei Hatakeyama。アートワークをデザインしたのはアンビエントユニットUNKNOWN MEやAtorisのメンバーでもあるグラフィックデザイナーのYudai Osawaが担当。また、チャリティーの協力企業としてSide Bクリエーションズがレコードの制作を担当。レコード素材は再生ビニールを使用したオレンジバイナル仕様、ジャケットカバー、スリーブ、ラベルには環境に配慮した素材を採用しています。本コンピレーションの利益は環境保全団体などに全額寄付されます。限定200枚生産。DLコード付属。

※Track3.Minyo Delivery Service - Shiki Kuduchiのデジタルデータはアルバム購入者限定ボーナストラックとなります。

The production of this record was inspired by the Maui, Hawaii wildfires of 2023. The list of tragic disasters that make us want to turn our eyes away is endless, including large-scale fires and hurricanes in Australia. This compilation was started as a charity to help solve environmental problems in a broader sense, such as climate change, extreme weather, and toxic waste caused by large-scale development, which can be said to be indirect causes of these natural disasters.

The theme of this compilation is "Music for Resorts" in order to bring attention to the current situation where beautiful scenery and places are being lost. The irreplaceable scenery and nature of our hometowns that we all have in our hearts is a resort for someone and a place that enriches people's hearts. Ten groups of musicians based in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada have come together to create music that evokes the nature that may disappear if nothing is done and that must be protected.

The participating artists, in order of recording, are Omni Gardens, Loris S. Sarid, Minyo Delivery Service, Jesus Weekend, Yama Yuki, Tristan Arp, Tokio Ono, H.Takahashi, Masahiro Takahashi, Joseph Shabason, Bram Gielen, and Yumi Iwaki.

The compilation was mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama, one of Japan's leading ambient artists. The artwork was designed by graphic designer Yudai Osawa, a member of the ambient unit UNKNOWN ME and Atoris. Side B Creations, a charity partner, is in charge of record production. The record material is orange vinyl with recycled vinyl, and environmentally friendly materials are used for the jacket cover, sleeve, and label. All profits from this compilation will be donated to environmental conservation organizations. Limited production of 200 copies.
releases May 25, 2024

Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama / Cover Design by Yudai Osawa / KR-008
Ⓒ&Ⓟ 2024 Kankyō Records / 33rpm / STEREO
All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved.
Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.
Manufactured and Distributed by Kankyō Records and Side-B Creations Inc.,Japan. / Made in PRC.

Track3.Minyo Delivery Service - Shiki Kuduchi digital data will be a bonus track for album purchasers only.

  • Music for Resorts [ Orange Vinyl ]
  • Music for Resorts [ Orange Vinyl ]
  • Music for Resorts [ Orange Vinyl ]