Kankyo Records





An electro-acoustic diary of the Fukushima family that records the "time and sound" exchanged between a parent and child in Niigata, using shakuhachi and a computer to respond.

Reishu Fukushima began performing and improvising as a shakuhachi player after encountering the Muramatsu-style shakuhachi on Sado in the 1990s. His son, Satoshi Fukushima, explores the possibilities of interactive and unknown electronic acoustics with players through real-time computer processing. This work is the first "album" of the unit consisting of a father and son from Niigata. The physical shakuhachi performance, which shows deep breathing, is instantly responded to by being disassembled and processed using a computer, and the past is layered over the present in a progressive manner, creating a new, never-seen-before sonic image in a multi-layered manner. past and present, body and machine, decomposition and construction, betweenness and movement, composition and improvisation. The electro-acoustic layering is dignified and beautiful, moving between two contradictory events/phenomena, and eventually taking root at the border between them, like the blooming of glossy, soft petals. It is as if they are shining brightly into the future.

All compositions, recordings and sound treatment by Satoshi Fukushima / Front cover photography taken at Yoshihara Photo Studio by Yukihiro Yoshihara / Photographic assistant and video trailer by Naoko Hasegawa / English translation by Naoko Yamada / Art direction and design by Masato Hoshino

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