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Elevations [vinyl]

Elevations [vinyl]



数々の良リイシューを手掛け、世界的なニューエイジ・リヴァイバルの立役者と言っても過言ではない名門【Music From Memory】から、これまで〈Slow Life〉や〈Shall Not Fade〉、〈Rhythm Section International〉などからリリースを重ねてきたマンチェスターを拠点に活動するDJ/プロデューサー/パーカッショニストの”トム・バーフォード”こと”Contours”による最新作がエキゾチックな雰囲気漂うアンビエント作品をリリース。



Music From Memory is delighted to present ‘Elevations’, a new album from Manchester based artist Tom Burford, aka Contours.

Drawing heavily on his background as a drummer and percussionist, ‘Elevations’ began as an exploration of the Balafon, a Malian tuned percussion instrument, before organically growing into its final form; a delicate suite of compositions centred around rhythmical interactions of percussion, synthesizer and strings.

Recorded during the pandemic and the period following, the album reflects a desire to lose oneself in the expanse of nature - the title ‘Elevations’ being a direct nod to the mountainous area of Cumbria where Tom grew up. The album also represents the joy of creating with friends; it features performances from several of his musical contemporaries, many of which were recorded at his home in Manchester. Slowly taking shape, the final result is a record that seamlessly blends electronic and acoustic, operating at the intersection of Minimalism, Jazz, Fourth World and Contemporary Classical music.

  • Elevations [vinyl]