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DAM [vinyl]

DAM [vinyl]







A super special environment with over 40 seconds of reverberation. Amazing electro-acoustic dam music recorded in a huge concrete space inside the dam.

One day in 2022, Carl Stone, an American computer music pioneer, and Ken Ikeda, a musician and artist who emits primitive and original electronic sounds, visited "Uchinokura Dam" deep in the mountains in Shibata, Niigata. This album is a record of musical experiments secretly performed inside the dam to explore new possibilities of electronic music. The dam has a hollow structure, and the internal space is about 40m in both height and depth, and itself is a huge resonance device. The electronic sounds emitted by Carl and Ken fill the space with infinite reverberations. All sorts of sounds such as dripping water, footsteps, conversations, and noises are added as performers, creating a philharmonic orchestra of electrons and reverberations that are created and elaborated while confronting the constant reverberating sounds.

Front and back cover photography 6 - 10 by Yukihiro Yoshihara / Recorded by Yu Kamata / Mixed and sound treatment by Satoshi Fukushima / Projection by Tomoya Kishimoto / English Translation (Liner Notes) by Naoko Yamada / Reverberation measurement data provided by Masaru Tanaka / In cooperation with The MAFF Hokuriku Agricultural Administration Bureau Kajikawa 2nd Agricultural Irrigation Office, Niigata Prefecture Shibata Regional Promotion Bureau Regional Development Department, Dam Wo Kanaderu Kai, Manabu Wakatsuki, Hiroji Soma, Kazuyoshi Tashiro, Ryota Masuko, Katsuhiko Kohida, Masahiro Ito, Yoshiyuki Omori, Masaya Matsuoka, Takamitsu Nakato and Yukiyoshi Yamada / Art direction, design and back cover photography 1 -5 by Masato Hoshino

  • DAM [vinyl]