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Unprecedented cosmology music arrived by Tokio Hasegawa, who lives in the forest of space after completing the "journey" with the Taj Mahal Travelers.

The Taj Mahal Travelers, a legendary group that performed avant-garde improvisations across the world with Takehisa Kosugi and others in the 1970s. The first solo album by Tokio Hasegawa, a musician who has been a member of the group and has lived in the mountains of Tokamachi, Niigata after group activities, and has sharpened his sensibility in response to the beautiful moon and the snowy nature. All acts including Japanese drums, flutes, keyboards, violins, non-instruments, electronic sounds, and butoh that resonate with his singing and playing a rubab. A record of three performances in India, Taiwan, and Niigata, where one of his important works / expressions, "Stone Performance," was performed, drawing a big soundscape like a universe. The latest record, which was the first historical performance in 45 years with Seiji Nagai, who was an ally and Taj Mahal Travelers, is also completely recorded here.

Liner Notes by Koji Kawasaki | 川崎弘二
Cover Photo by Yukihiro Yoshihara | 吉原悠博
Sound Treatment by Satoshi Fukushima | 福島諭
English Translation by Naoko Yamada | 山田直子
Art Direction & Design by Masato Hoshino | 星野真人

  • Stone Music [vinyl]